Health alzheimer's / dementia search alzheimer's / dementia symptoms / diagnosis treatment coping share free alzheimer's / dementia newsletter! Sign up discuss in my forum progressive supranuclear palsy this disorder is often misdiagnosed as parkinson's disease by esther heerema, msw, about. Viagra 10 cena Com guide updated february 03, 2012 about. cheap viagra online Com health's disease and condition content is reviewed by the medical review board see more about: frontotemporal dementia coping with dementia types of dementia symptoms of alzheimer's what is progressive supranuclear palsy (psp)? Psp is a type of frontotemporal degeneration that affects approximately 20,000 americans. buy cheap viagra It results in problems with motor functioning (such as walking and balance) and brain functioning (such as memory and thought processing). viagra buy uk online Psp was identified in 1964 as a specific disease and is sometimes referred to as steele-richardson-olszewski syndrome, named after the canadian scientists who identified it. buy viagra online australia fast delivery The brains of people with psp show a similar buildup of the tau protein that occurs with alzheimer's disease. buy generic viagra online Who gets psp? generic viagra 200mg pills More men than women get psp, and the average age of onset is in the early 60s. There is not a strong component of heredity in psp and how it develops is not well understood. Psp does not affect one ethnic group more than another. viagra tablets for sale Symptoms psp's initial symptoms include poor balance, unsteady gait in walking and unexplained falls. viagra 100 mg zu viel Memory problems, emotional outbursts, depression, apathy and irritability are other symptoms, as well as complaints of double vision or difficulty moving the eyes. Eye movement problems are one of the hallmark symptoms of psp. buy online viagra germany Because of the lesions that develop in the brain, it becomes difficult to aim the eyes correctly. buying viagra tesco online For example, a person may not be able to maintain eye contact during a conversation. As psp continues to progress, most people require 24-hour assistance with their care needs. Can you buy viagra vietnam Diagnosis there is no test to definitively diagnose psp, so physicians focus on ruling out other conditions. An accurate diagnosis of psp often is not reached until it progresses to the stage when the eyes begin to function poorly. viagra for cheap Until then, it is often misdiagnosed as parkinson’s. How is psp different from parkinson's? is there a generic viagra Psp is different from parkinson’s in several ways. discount viagra generic best price One significant difference is that individuals with psp often stand straight up or even lean back (causing the risk for falling backwards), while those with parkinson’s often lean forward and bend over. As noted, eye movements are impaired in psp, but remain fairly normal in parkinson's. buying viagra tesco online Psp also typically affects speech and motor functioning earlier and more significantly than parkinson's. buying viagra tesco online How is psp different from alzheimer's disease? Although both psp and alzheimer's cause dementia, psp's earlier symptoms may be falls or balance problems, while the early symptoms of alzheimer's are usually memory problems and difficulty w. viagra 20 mg 30 tb Woman in the viagra commercial You need to upgrade your Flash Player !